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9.00 a.m: Depart to Tra Que village by bike, along the road leading to the village is a beautiful scenery of immense field, which arouse you a relaxed and peaceful feeling. Reaching the village, you will be instructed about history of this beautiful area, everyday works of the farmer, kinds of vegetables as well as discovering about the use of vegetables in traditional Vietnamese medicine, farming tools, etc. Tourists will take a trip around the garden and then together with the farmers in works  such as hoeing, turning over the soil, putting down fertilizer with seaweed from the local lake, planting vegetables, watering greens, and many more gardening activities.

After a happy and discovered work, tourists will relax with steeping and slight massage their feet with herbal remedies by traditional method, which often be used by farmers in the region after a hard working day. Lunch is prepared by local people with local dishes of this village, even tourists can take part in cooking process, cook dishes such as Tam Huu, Banh xeo (rice pancake hold in haft), etc.
In the afternoon, tourists will have a walking around the village and then ride bike back the hotel

Tour cost:

2 - 4 pax

5 – 10 pax

>10 pax

850,000 VND

40 USD

700,000 VND

33 USD

620,000 VND

30 USD

 Tour cost includes:

- Entrance fee, guided farmer, tour guide, farming tools, 1 mineral water/pax, lunch

Tour cost excludes:

- Travel insurance, tour guide and other expenses not included above